Common Questions | Lease Admin Consulting
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Common Questions

Following are some of the common questions which come in mind of our Customers. To save your valuable time we have tried to answer them. In case you have more queries you can anytime email us at info (at) or call us at +1 (587) 926-8321

You are new? Why should we trust you?

We are qualified team of professionals who not only have industry experience but also have the zeal to provide quality services to customers.

We understand your concern regarding Trust and hence provide our services on trial basis (at no cost) to you. You get satisfied with our quality and delivery first, and then only engage us for a full project.

How will you ensure data security?

At the start of project: We strictly sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Data Confidentiality Agreement prior to taking any project. Here’s the copy of NDA for your review.


During the project: We prefer that Clients utilise DropBox or Google Drive or (or similar online document management system) to share their documents with our team.


At end of project: We upload all the deliverables on online document management systems (Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and others); and avoid sending documents via email unless required.

What documents you require for Lease Abstraction?

We require following documents for Lease Abstraction:

  1. Lease Agreement
  2. Any amendments
  3. Any Assignment & Sublease agreements
  4. Any Options exercised
  5. Estoppel documents
  6. Any other documents that you feel will be relevant for abstraction
What does your lease abstraction process looks like?

Although we have specified the process in Lease Abstraction page we are specifying here as well:

  • Client shares documents via Google Drive, DropBox or to Lease Admin team.
  • Lease Admin review the documents, and seeks clarifications to any preliminary queries.
  • We process the documents for abstraction, and summarize the lease using machine + human approach.
  • Once abstraction gets completed we will update you via email or update the status in project management system. The abstraction file gets uploaded to the same location (Google Drive, DropBox or from where the documents were shared initially.
  • You review our abstraction delivery and rate it.
How does your software abstract the lease?

We have partnered with a Lease Abstraction software product start-up for usage of their application which helps abstract lease as follows:

  • Automatically OCRs (Optical Character Recognition) scanned PDF documents
  • Extracts important data points such as Landlord Name, Tenant Name, Dates and other fields which helps in reducing lot of time for abstracting a lease.
  • Provides easy user interface where we can view the lease document and abstract it at same time. This helps us to quickly abstract a lease and avoid errors.
  • Helps print the abstract report easily and export in multiple formats.
  • We utilise multiple levels of review in overall abstraction process to ensure that your data is accurate.