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Lease Administration

Lease Administration

Managing property and tenant relation is critical function of Lease Administration team.


Would you prefer your Lease Admin team to be on the ground keeping check on property and handling tenant queries / concerns or rather have them sit in front of computer updating Property Management / Accounting systems?


This is exactly where our team is resourceful – help you keep your Property and Accounting systems properly maintained.


We work behind the scenes and during your non-working hours to keep your systems up to date and maintained at all times. We ensure that you have the accurate and current data at all times to take important business decisions.


Following is our general Lease Administration transition process:

  • Interact with Lease Administrator to understand and document their current activities.
  • Identify the back-office activities which can be easily maintained by our team.
  • Define processes and workflows to showcase the transition process.
  • Setup back-office dedicated team to take on the activities
  • Use Redmine project management system to keep track of tasks assigned and their completion.
  • Provide activity report, progress report, efficiency report on monthly basis to exhibit success of offshoring.


Over the years we have done this for multiple companies and consider ourselves as champion of this process.


Get in touch with our Business Development Team via email or give us a call at +1 (587) 926 8321 to discuss how you can benefit from this process.