Lease Admin Services | Lease Admin Consulting
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Get professional help to manage your business


Lease Abstraction

We realize your needs for Lease Abstraction, and hence use automated software that helps in:

  • Reducing turn-around-time to abstract a lease
  • Provides accurate abstracted data
  • Generates report in your custom format – Word, Excel or PDF
  • Avoids data formatting, and any spelling, grammatical issues

Lease Administration

Managing real estate portfolio can be difficult especially when:

  • You need to spend more time engaging with Tenants
  • You have lot of data to manage
  • You have many reports to prepare and need to analyse them

You probably need a helping hand to support in your operational activities so that you can focus on increasing your portfolio.


Finance & Accounting

Each business has certain activities where you realize that it is better of giving to someone rather than handling on your own – Finance & Accounting activity is one of them.

Would you rather spend time in monitoring and analyzing financial reports or you prefer entering them one by one and spend time keeping software updated.